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Character Creation


No dark-kin, thallain, or menehune. Select Nunnehi (desert only). You can play Pooka, but your lies have to be more than saying the opposite.


Inanimae are allowed.


I'm also not strict on 7/5/3 for attributes or 13/9/5 for abilities. 15 for attributes and 27 for abilities is totally ok with me.


House Rules


Actor realm: Dire Enemy is the second dot, everything else moves up til Complete Stranger is 5th dot.


Fae realm: the 4th dot (Elusive Gallain) only pertains to those that are actually elusive. Lore, rituals, intense study of some sort, moves other denizens of the Dreaming further down the scale. Wraiths, spirits, demons, etc fall into this category always.


The Actor realm rule is simply because dire at 5 is silly. The Fae ruling is more game specific. Or, rather, could be...


In regards to the system for cantrips, we will be using 2e's system of Attribute+Realm. In the case of new Arts that don't have Attributes assigned, they are:

Autumn- Manipulation

Spring - Charisma

Summer - Appearance

Winter - Stamina

Dragon's Ire - Strength

Contract - Manipulation






Trait  Cost 
Attribute  Current Rating x4 
New Ability 
Ability  Current Rating x2 
New Art 
Art  Current Level x4 
New Realm 
Realm Current Rating x3 
Willpower Current Rating x2
Glamour Current Rating x2 or 3? (Check)




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