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Session 2:


"Am I being served?" - Carmen, on being presented with an envelope by an uber Goth


"For the record, Penny is wearing scrubs." - Dawn

"But a scrub is a guy who don't get no love from me." - Jeremy

"Hangin' out a Sluagh's ride?" - Emily


"Bronies are furries. SUCK IT!" - Ram, trying to start a nerd war in a game shop


Session 3:


"Boggans making meth?" - Jeremy

"Breaking Boggans?" - John


"Child molestor!" - Ram, on being surprised


Session 4:


"This girl will let me bang her if I bring her a pennon." - Jemmers on social media


"I've got boogers bigger than you. Bigger and smarter." - Head nocker

"I'm more talented!" - Ram


Session 5


"You're mother was the tooth fairy!" - Molly


"It's not that he's dumb, it's ust that he's dumb." - Don, about Greg


Session 7


"I've got a flame thrower, I've seen Aliens, I'm going back." - Bethany




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